The Weekly Observer: March 7-11

Note from the compiler:

Greetings and thank you to anyone who reads this weekly newsletter!

I hope this is a helpful resource to stay abreast of the latest developments in Japan and an entertaining list of news that interests a wide range of readers. My aim has been to be both informative and professional in the way I compile the news every week.

Here is this week’s newsletter. Be sure to check this week’s special edition (updated) on Ukraine too!

As usual, the longer version has bookmarks so you can skip over sections that are not of interest.

The lineup:
1. Government Sets New Guidelines to Lift Pre-emergency Measures
2. Government Considers Fourth Vaccination
3. Government Aims to Allow 100,000 Foreign Students in by End of May

4. Prime Minister Kishida Congratulates New Korean President Yoon
5. Foreign Policy Developments (MOFA Development Cooperation White Paper; former PM Abe’s visit to Malaysia; PM Kishida’s planned trip to India and Cambodia)
6. Kishida Says Japan Can Discuss Nuclear Sharing
7. Defense/Security Developments
(10 Russia naval vessels pass Tsuruga Strait; details about North Korea’s latest missile test; Japan-U.S.-ROK undersecretary-level meeting; Japan-U.S. Security Subcommittee)
8. Diet Proceedings (DPP counter bill to economic security legislation; intense deliberation to be held March 14)
9. LDP and Komeito to Reciprocally Endorse Candidates in Summer Election
10. Komeito Leaning Toward Unfreezing the Trigger Clause
11. LDP-Komeito-DPP Talks Continue
12. State of the Economy (wholesale inflation; revised GDP growth; current account balance; Economy Watchers Survey; growth strategy priorities; real wages)
13. Other Political Developments (the future of nuclear power plants; Osaka City and Tsukuba City named “super cities”; GOJ oks amendment to the penal code; 50th anniversary of Okinawa’s return to Japan to be celebrated on May 15)
14. Other Noteworthy News (Japan Passes 11th Year Since the Great East Japan Earthquake; Japan Continues to Work Toward Gender Equality)
15. JNN/TBS Poll (3/6)

–Rintaro Nishimura

Image: Captain76 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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