Tokyo Gubernatorial Election 2020: Weekly News Roundup for 6/28~7/4

6/28 (SUN)
What Did Candidates Say During the Last Week Before the Election? (Asahi Shimbun)

  • Taro Yamamoto used most of his speech to explain his COVID-19 response
  • Governor Koike broadcasted a Facebook livestream and promised to add more emergency shelters 
  • Kenji Utsunomiya pledged to procure 3 trillion yen to financially support citizens
  • Taisuke Ono emphasized the need to use data to deal with COVID-19
  • Takashi Tachibana proposed to move the Olympic Games to 2022

6/29 (MON)
Early Voting at 4.23% a Week Before the Election. The Highest Early Voting Region Was Chuo-Ku. (Business Insider)

  • The number of people who voted early between 6/19~6/28 was 484,664 people
  • Early voting is increasing (probably due to COVID-19)
  • Top 3 early voting users in the 23 wards: Chuo-ku, Adachi-ku, Bunkyo-ku

6/30 (TUE)

7/1 (WED)
Utsunomiya Sends an Open Letter to Governor Koike (The Page)

  • Kenji Utsunomiya held a press conference, telling reporters that he had sent an open letter to Governor Koike and asked for a response by 3pm on July 3rd
  • When asked about the lack of a TV debate due to Governor Koike’s unwillingness to participate, Utsunomiya said it was “strange

7/2 (THUR)
How Many of the 27 Pledges Made in 2016 Did Governor Koike Accomplish? (Yahoo Japan)

  • The rate of decrease for people on special elderly nursing home waiting lists is not as high as before Koike became governor
  • Although Koike implemented a “leave office by 8pm” rule, the number of employees working overtime increased
  • The problem of overcrowded trains was not solved + 2-story trains were not built
  • While Koike claims that she achieved zero pet exterminations, data shows that Tokyo’s standards are different from that of the nation and other prefectures
  • Kept the promise to provide grant-type scholarships 
  • The goal to increase women in management positions was accomplished
  • Zero children on nursery waiting lists was not achieved, but significant strides were made

7/3 (FRI)
The Mystery of Tokyo’s Fluctuating Case Numbers Before the Governor Election (JB Press)

  • The number of cases doubled immediately after the Tokyo alert was deactivated
  • Data shows that the number of tests increased right before the alert was deactivated
  • Number of tests also increased before the deadline to run for governor 
    • Was there intentional manipulation of the number of tests?

7/4 (SAT)
How Candidates Have Campaigned in the Final Stretch of the Race (Tokyo Shimbun)

  • Taro Yamamoto switched his posters after the deadline to run for governor, adding the phrase “what’s lacking is love and money” 
  • Governor Koike campaigned online, sharing a video of her discussing policy with students
  • Kenji Utsunomiya emphasized that he would cut excessive spending and use those funds for COVID-19 relief 
  • In order to boost recognition, Taisuke Ono increased the number of stump speeches around the city
  • Takashi Tachibana streamed his stump speeches online, stressing opposition to self-restraint (staying at home)

Image: Morio (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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