Tokyo Gubernatorial Election 2020: Profile on the Horiemon New Party

This is the 11th post introducing candidates in the Tokyo governor race.

Check the other candidate profiles using these links: Koike; Utsunomiya; Ono; Yamamoto; Sakurai; Komiyama; Takemoto; Nishimoto; Sekiguchi; Oshikoshi.

The goal of these profiles is to get readers to know all the candidates on one website. I want to help people find information with minimal effort.

This post will focus on the 3 candidates affiliated with the Horiemon New Party: leader Takashi Tachibana, Osamu Hattori, and Kenichiro Saito.


① Takashi Tachibana

Source: Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Name/Age: Takashi Tachibana/52 years old

Former Occupation: Member of the House of Councillors (2019)

Political Party: The Party to Protect the People from NHK/Horiemon New Party


② Osamu Hattori

Source: Twitter

Name/Age: Osamu Hattori/46 years old

Occupation: President of a music production company

Political Party: Horiemon New Party (backed by The Party to Protect the People from NHK)


③ Kenichiro Saito

Source: Twitter

Name/Age: Kenichiro Saito/39 years old

Occupation: Driver/secretary to Takafumi Horie (Horiemon)

Political Party: Horiemon New Party (backed by The Party to Protect the People from NHK)

Slogan: Transparent Politics


2020 Policies

The policies put forth by these candidates are very similar. In fact, most align with the 37 emergency recommendations put forth by the party.


  1. Really achieving zero congestion
  2. Get rid of ETC gates 
  3. Become a city that promotes personal mobility 
  4. Increase train fees during peak hours/crowded trains
  5. Get rid of tickets + ticket gates/turnstiles
  6. Ban cash (only cards/electronic currency)
  7. Merge & privatize Tokyo Metro + the Toei Subway (metro subway)
  8. Allow Uber
  9. Open skies 
  10. Reconstruct Edo castle
  11. Build infrastructure to hold VR (virtual reality) live performances
  12. Redevelop Adachi ward as the “Japanese Brooklyn”
  13. Develop a plan to reform the Tsukiji/Toyosu fish market
  14. Create a brand on the Tsukiji fish market site
  15. Host the Olympic games remotely 

Education/Social Welfare

  1. Promote online education
  2. Replace paper textbooks with online material
  3. Free children by dismantling the school system
  4. Shift to an education that doesn’t teach answers
  5. Allow cannabis 
  6. Work style reform through low-dose pills for women
  7. Aim to be #1 in terms of longevity
  8. Support senior interaction through “jiji-katsu” and “baba-katsu” 
  9. Promoting a diverse Tokyo

COVID-19 Response

  1. Stop the infodemic (excessive amount of information that prevents identification of a solution)
  2. Resume all economic activities

Metropolitan Government 

  1. Implement online campaigning/elections
  2. Make it so people can vote with a QR code
  3. Ensure all press conferences are online
  4. Make 90% of all government employees work from home
  5. Add English as an official language
  6. Aim for the complete privatization of Tokyo

Future Work Styles

  1. Implement a restructuring plan that starts by firing “fairy workers” (middle aged employees who come to work but don’t actually do anything)
  2. More playgrounds
  3. Lower the cost of living 
  4. Foster a “100 years of life” community 
  5. Create a free online salon (community) for citizens of Tokyo

First Impressions

  • There are some really progressive ideas, but realistically, they seem unattainable 
  • Plans include much-needed reforms including online elections & promoting online education
  • Also includes some challenging & controversial policies such as legalizing cannabis & completely privatizing Tokyo (which seems impossible) 

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