Tokyo Gubernatorial Election 2020: Candidate Profile for Kazue Ushio

This is the 17th post introducing candidates in the Tokyo governor race.

Check the other candidate profiles using these links: Koike; Utsunomiya; Ono; Yamamoto; Sakurai; Komiyama; Takemoto; Nishimoto; Sekiguchi; Oshikoshi; Horiemon New Party; Goto; Sawa; Ichikawa; Ishii; Nagasawa.

The goal of these profiles is to get readers to know all the candidates on one website. I want to help people find information with minimal effort.

This post will focus on Kazue Ushio and his policies.


Name/Age: Kazue Ushio/33 years old

Former Occupation: Office worker

Political Party: Independent

Official Website

2020 Policies

Olympic Games

  • Dismantle organizations formed for the Olympics
  • Redistribute the budget to athletes 


  • Reduce the number of airlines (merge) & increase once the economy recovers
    • Only provide the bare minimum of government funding
  • Implement a reward-based basic income using the Individual Number (My Number Card)

Social Welfare

  • Implement the prefectural system (should drive rent down)
  • Implement a good deeds system (reward good actions)
  • Allow short time, low burden labor
  • Promote work-sharing (duties/pay divided between 2 people who work different times)
  • Develop a system where healthcare workers can take time off (increase # of workers by including trainees/interns)
  • Reduce the burden on healthcare workers by streamlining the consultation-to-testing process
    • Have online consultations, information on waiting times, vehicle services, and stocked supplies 
  • Promote the use of online conference/meetings
  • Invest in culture + research


  • Implement both online learning + school attendance in small numbers (ex. Once a week)
    • Provide older tablets or cheap ones for free to families that can’t afford their own electronic devices 
  • No school lunches—provide food tickets that can be used at nearby restaurants
  • Going to school in groups will be generally forbidden

Administrative Reform

  • Set politicians’ salary based on their accomplishments (basic rate: divide 0.0001% of tax revenue by all politicians)
    • 3-year term; fired if caught sleeping or reading books during sessions 3 times 

First Impressions

  • Signature policies are implementing basic income, the good deed system, and the prefectural system
  • Emphasizes the need to treat everyone equally, while also paying adequate amounts to exceptional talent (ex. researchers)
  • Not clear, but probably wants to cancel the Olympic games

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