Tokyo Gubernatorial Election 2020: Candidate Profile for Hisao Naito

This is the 19th post introducing candidates in the Tokyo governor race.

Check the other candidate profiles using these links: Koike; Utsunomiya; Ono; Yamamoto; Sakurai; Komiyama; Takemoto; Nishimoto; Sekiguchi; Oshikoshi; Horiemon New Party; Goto; Sawa; Ichikawa; Ishii; Nagasawa; Ushio; Hiratsuka.

The goal of these profiles is to get readers to know all the candidates on one website. I want to help people find information with minimal effort.

This post will focus on Hisao Naito and his policies.


Source: Seijiyama

Name/Age: Hisao Naito/63 years old

Former Occupation: Temporary/dispatch worker, Ground Self-Defense Force official

Political Party: Independent


2020 Policies

  1. A city that values life
  • Set up a 24-hour hotline for trouble/complaints/consultation
  • Establish a public temporary employment organization to help unemployed + the socially isolated (hikikomori) find jobs
  • Guarantee minimum wage + food through a system similar to basic income
  1. An environmentally friendly/advanced city
  • Increase the number of hydrogen stations + promote fuel-cell vehicles
  • Reduce plastic waste
  1. A city prepared for disasters 
  • Provide lifeline services (water, electricity, gas, transportation, etc.) as a public good 
  • Fix aging infrastructure such as bridges + water/sewage
  • Create pedestrian/bicycle roads (aim to host a Tour de Kanto Koshinetsu in 3 years)
  • Conduct the biannual Kanto Koshinetsu regional emergency drill
  1. Improve food self-sufficiency rate
  • Promote local production for local consumption
  • Promote Tokyo’s agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
  • Support farmers in other prefectures by dispatching workers through the publicly-run employment organization
  1. Mitigate overconcentration in Tokyo
  • Move people away from Tokyo by inviting companies to move their businesses to other prefectures

First Impressions

  • Doesn’t address COVID-19 and instead focuses on the future of Tokyo
  • One of the few candidates besides Taisuke Ono who discusses over-concentration in Tokyo
  • Presents policies like basic income that will increase government expenditure a lot (taxed in the future?)

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