Tokyo Gubernatorial Election 2020: Candidate Profile for Hitoshi Ishii

This is the 15th post introducing candidates in the Tokyo governor race.

Check the other candidate profiles using these links: Koike; Utsunomiya; Ono; Yamamoto; Sakurai; Komiyama; Takemoto; Nishimoto; Sekiguchi; Oshikoshi; Horiemon New Party; Goto; Sawa; Ichikawa.

The goal of these profiles is to get readers to know all the candidates on one website. I want to help people find information with minimal effort.

This post will focus on Hitoshi Ishii and his policies.


Source: Seijiyama

Name/Age: Hitoshi Ishii/55 years old

Occupation: Freelance journalist 

Political Party: Independent

Official WebsiteTwitter

2020 Policies

  1. COVID-19 response
  • Use the prevention/treatment medication created by Ishii himself (uses urea)
  1. Tokyo Olympic Games
  • Host the Olympic games next year (created a drug that works)
  1. Strive for a transparent government
  • Disclose all information on the Internet
  • Livestream assembly sessions online
  • Release the budget-making process to the public
  • Close the revolving door between government & affiliated companies by privatizing them or incorporating them into the government 
  1. Children on nursery school waiting lists
  • Register babysitters as contract employees of the government
    • Need to be licensed babysitters + the pay will be 1500 yen per hour
  • Procure funds by cutting excessive expenditures (that will be done through transparency-no favoritism)
  1. Senior citizens on elderly care waiting lists 
  • Register caretakers as contract employees of the government 
  1. Solve the issue of densely populated wooden houses 
  • Need to take time and use money to redevelop these areas
  1. Wealth disparity
  • Improve efficiency + raise the minimum wage to 1500 yen (approx. $14)
    • Raising wages will reduce the number of competitive small/mid-sized businesses (too many)
  • Aim for equal pay to get rid of the employment gap between full + part time workers 
  1. Issues of an aging population & declining birth rates
  • Redistribute income 
  • Raise the minimum wage to reduce uncertainties younger generations feel 
  • Provide 1,000,000 yen (approx. $9300) to couples that get married
  • Provide 1,000,000 yen to those who give birth to children
  • Provide child benefit/allowances with income restrictions
  1. Educational disparity
  • Foster young adults who will contribute to society (should stop using the education system that focuses on memorizing instead of thinking)
    • Should stop using only paper exams to evaluate students
  • Aim to create job searches that don’t prioritize class ranking + deviation scores 
  • Eliminate discrimination based on educational background

First Impressions

  • How was a freelance journalist (ex-banker) able to develop a cure for COVID-19?
  • Some policies are well thought out, while others are simple one-line statements
  • Agree that the education system needs to change (too much emphasis on memorizing dates/events than problem solving)

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